CSSE Study Abroad

As an engineer, chances are that you will either be employed by a company that works internationally or will have co-workers from different backgrounds. An international experience not only increases your horizons, but it will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to be competitive and succeed throughout your career.

Develop self-awareness

Discover how to overcome obstacles you have never encountered at home, leave your comfort zone, and find strengths you never knew you had. Most students say that studying abroad is a life changing experience.

Broaden your horizons

Making friends and professional contacts from around the world expands your mind and your competitive edge.

Understand the world

International competence is a powerful tool and an exceptional addition to your engineering skills that employers are looking for. 

Speed up your education

Earn units toward your degree during the summer and winter.

Gain a competitive edge

Employers recognize that students who have studied abroad are generally more motivated, mature, flexible, and able to solve problems under unique circumstances. All of which are very appealing qualities to a potential employer. Read what employers have to say.

Cost effective

Students can qualify for special scholarships, grants, and discounted rates on travel, not to mention our engineering study abroad programs are among the most affordable at SDSU.

Global Education Opportunities

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Study Abroad Advising


Drop-in Advising (no appointments needed)advising

  • In the CSSE (in-person advising for fall 2022 TBD) 
  • Tuesdays 1-3:30 PM in the Global Education Office (in-person advising) * To resume during the fall semester
  • Wednesdays 1-3:30 PM on Zoom ID 619 594 2475  (virtual advising) * To resume during the fall semester

Individual Appointments

Individual appointments are available on SDSU Navigate (EAB) with Kelsey Toyoda

*Group Advising is also offered

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