The Center for Student Success in Engineering (CSSE) Peer Navigators and Major Advisors provide advising services to all Engineering students for lower division and upper division major requirements. The CSSE team is available to answer student inquiries regarding academic advising and course planning, student success and resources, and engagement and progress toward graduation. Faculty advisors can help with questions on courses content, research, and post-baccalaureate opportunities.

For student appointments with all CSSE Advisors, login to https://sdsu.campus.eab.com with SDSU ID and password. Peer Navigators are also available for drop-in appointments* (non-scheduled), just stop by CSSE room E-216  

*depending on staff availability

For student appointments with Faculty Advisors, contact them directly, see major department website

Peer Navigators

Peer Navigators are Engineering students that can meet with you to discuss major advising tools and share more information about opportunities on campus. Peer Navigators help students to navigate the curriculum ensuring that they understand existing advising tools to take courses in the correct order and progress towards upper division coursework. You can schedule appointment and get help with planning your degree using a semester course planner. Download a copy before from the Resources section of this page.

Are you trying to meet with a Peer Navigator but dont know how? Follow the guides below:

CoE Majors

Non Coe Majors



  • Lower Division Engineering students
  • Pre-Engineering Major students
  • Newly admitted students (including transfers)


         Semester Course Planning Form

         Intro to Master Plan

         GE Requirements

         Early Steps to Graduation

         Clubs/ Organizations

         New/Student Transfer Help

     Bring With You

  • Degree Evaluation

You can schedule an appointment to meet with a CSSE Peer Advisor virtually by logging into to https://sdsu.campus.eab.com with your SDSU ID and password.


Major Advisors

The Major Advisors support students in ensuring they are taking all the courses they need in order to obtain their degree. Major Advisors support students by informing them about important information from the department and providing students the tools they need to succeed. Major Advisors are able to help with upper division major requirements, course planning, and other academic processes. Information and tools include (but not limited to):

  • Impaction Criteria
  • Master Plans
  • Flow Charts
  • Semester Course Planner


Major Advisors (assignment by department and student last name)

Aerospace Engineering Department

Sarah Hershberger | [email protected]  | Appointment Availability:  bit.ly/sarah-hershberger

  • Aerospace Engineering (A-Z)

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department

Zuzanna Lever | [email protected]   | Appointment Availability:  Bit.ly/Zuzanna-Lever

  • Civil Engineering (A-S), Construction Engineering (A-Z), Construction Management (A-Z)

Juno Palau (she/her) | [email protected]  | Appointment Availability: Bit.ly/juno-palau

  • Civil Engineering (T-Z)

Leviticus Johnson (she/her) | [email protected] | Appointment Availability: Bit.ly/Leviticus-Johnson

  • Environmental Engineering (A-Z)

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Sarah Hershberger | [email protected]   | Appointment Availability: bit.ly/sarah-hershberger

  • Computer Engineering (A-F)

Claudia Gavaldon (she/her) | [email protected]  | Appointment Availability: bit.ly/Claudia-Gavaldon

  • Computer Engineering (G-Z), 
  • Electrical Engineering (A-Z)

Mechanical Engineering Department

Leviticus Johnson (she/her) | [email protected] | Appointment Availability: Bit.ly/Leviticus-Johnson

  • Mechanical Engineering (A-J)

Juno Palau (she/her) | [email protected] | Appointment Availability: Bit.ly/juno-palau

  • Mechanical Engineering (K-Z)

College Of Engineering Student Affairs

For help with questions around career and internships, please visit the Internships page for how to get in contact with Liza Aguirre-Oviedo, the College of Engineering Career & Internship Coordinator. 

For students outside of the College of Engieering looking to change majors, please meet with our Student Affairs Coordinator, Donovan Geiger. Appointments can be made via SDSU Navigate here: http://bit.ly/Donovan-Geiger

For more other academic concerns, please contact Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Theresa M. Garcia at [email protected], or make an appointment here: https://bit.ly/Theresa-Garcia



Introduction to Advising! (Video)


SDSU EAB Navigate Video Instructions



Course Planning:

*Download a copy of the Semester Course Planner as a word file in order to edit it.


College of Engineering Impaction Policy Handout:



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